Online reservations are optimal when using a laptop or desktop computer. 
Using any other device, such as an Ipad or smartphone, compromises your compatibility and jeopardizes your reservation(s).
For reservations you may also call
(337) 667-7772 
Look at our numbered site map to determine the spot(s) you wish to request.

Clicking the map will make it bigger



There is a one-night non-refundable deposit for every reservation.
Vouchers for the deposit will be issued if the reservation is
cancelled seventy-two (72) hours prior to arrival date.
If the reservation is not cancelled within 48 hours,
you will be charged for the entire stay.

Early departures for any reason are not eligible for refunds.

Double/Triple RV sites are all required to be booked by the same party. For this reason, Double & Triple RV sites are unable to be booked online. You may, however, reserve them during office hours over the phone or with one of our office clerks.

Should one site be cancelled in a multiple booking, the remaining parties will be required to move or find a replacement for the cancelled site.
If one party is already checked in, you still must move to a suitable site.

In the event of any kind of MANDATORY evacuations such as hurricanes, floods, etc.,
only camping credits(vouchers) will be issued. NO REFUNDS!

Request for special credits must be made in writing providing
full proof of emergency circumstances claimed.